Elevated living

23 custom designed
off the plan house
and land packages

Sustainable and quality living

For us, good enough is not good enough, we have been searching for perfection and I think we have found it. Horizons Peak has been designed from the ground up integrating the natural contour of the land, the panoramic views, the serenity of the location and incorporating that within the design of the homes that will reside in this premiere and unique location.
—Greg Downes, Downes Property Group


A neighbourhood of unique design

Horizons Peak is a one-of-a-kind project with an unwavering focus on design. Each home in this boutique development has been designed to integrate with the best features of the land it's built on. To explore the Horizons Peak masterplan, hover and click a property.

Living is elevated at Horizons Peak

Horizons Peak is a one of a kind project with an unwavering focus on design, quality, community and style, from Street scape to the individual designs of each home this, we believe, is something really special.

We’ve designed Horizons Peak to elevate the best features of each site. We want to create a clear divide between neighbours. You don’t want an intrusive roof line or a window that captures your view. We get it, and we’re making sure you have the best sites for maximum privacy.

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