Virtual Reality

Immerse yourself in full 3D and inspect your new home with us in virtual reality.

There is no better way to present our architectural plans than to have you inspect them in real-time. Truly a first for the Sunshine Coast, join us and engage with your new home like never before.

Buying off the plan has always been difficult, a certain amount of imagination is required to truly appreciate design decisions and often a space is not truly appreciated until it is constructed and by that time, changes are difficult, costly and in some cases unpractical.

That is why we have created the Horizons Peak Enscape Model, empowered by todays technology you are now able to virtually inspect your home off the plan in true-to scale format.   Feel the space, appreciate the views, admire the streetscape and experience your home before it’s built. Book your appointment to inspect your home in our fully interactive virtual reality model.

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